29 August, 2006

Personal and Private

*Warning* Er... Personal post. Thinking about me, not you. Shoo.

Well... er... there's nothing really private about this post, but it IS my first official personal post... Hope you like it. And, er... the warning is meant to be only funny, not insulting. :-) There are two unrelated limericks at the bottom... I haven't posted lims in days.

About me... Er... I'm male. And I Err... a lot. But beside that ;-).

I'm what I'd call a nerd, but others may differ in opinion. I like Physics a lot, and movies and music are my other passions. I don't really read fiction, but I read nonfiction with zest. I like sitting on the internet and surfing away, or reading ebooks.

I go to college, plan to major in Physics. College is fun, I'm part of a group of five, and we're the clique I referred to in an recent poem. Don't read
too much into it, though: we have fun.

OK, That's all I can manage for now... I'm not used to writing about myself. I'll do short posts about my life sometimes, but they'll be just that:
short. :-)

Time for some
Limericks :D.

A small village on the bank of the river
The clear water could make you shiver
But soon the pollution
Caused it's execution
Now the river is a black, dirty sewer!

Today's Word-Of-The-Day was "palinode", meaning "A poem in which the author retracts something said in an earlier poem." Let me try one... the reference is to this limerick (the one condemning wrong metre). (Idea suggested by absconding soul.)

Oh what have you done, traitor!
You've destroyed, annihilated your metre!
But my poems' are nice
Poor metre is just spice
When critics are unsatisfied, they hit her!*

*The wrong rhyme kinda takes the attention off the metre, eh? lol.

Well, hope you liked the post. Do comment. :D


  1. abscondingsoul29/8/06 9:21 PM

    Well, I know Anonick for quite some time now, and I know all this. NIce limerick, at least should have credited the person who suggested writing a palinodic l'rick, don't be so ungrateful....

  2. Credited you now, absconding. Thanks. ;-)

  3. Lol! You didn't say much I didn't know either :) ("About me... Er... I'm male. And I Err... a lot" - that I knew :P)
    I like the limerick. It was fun :D