31 August, 2006

The Fight

Note: This poem, I think, is one of my best. Please agree with me :D. Lol, well... do tell me if you liked the poem and my style.

Most school days see quarrels
Where students throw each other into barrels
Some guys run like squirrels
Others claw and bite...
... In a fight, might is right!

This one day, like any other
One boy cursed someone else's mother
The latter went for his udder
And there was much shudder and shudder.

As one the other kicked
All the boys were very, very licked
But to their code they firmly sticked:
Until defeat, no one else beat the undead meat.

The fight lasted hours (it shows)
The boys eyed each other with furrows
The anger rose: they came to blows
Hit each other with fingers and toes
And blood flows? One's nose was a hose!

As the audience zealous cheered
There was something they all feared
The loser, eyes teared
Ran off to the principal.
(Right turn at the hall, if you have the gall.)

As the principal... 60 years old
Was beginning to scold the young little fold
One gave him a fist
Another hissed, all were pissed.

Losing, suddenly his poise
(It was attacks of the school boys!)
The principal ran, without noise.
The fighting is back, and how
The school? Wow, The boys run it now!


  1. abscondingsoul31/8/06 7:42 PM

    well, the poem is nice as always. but certainly not the best. as they say, ( and even u might....) , my best is yet to come, eh anonick ?

  2. I am unequivocally THRILLED to see the comments. Thank You! And I am equally thrilled that both of you are from Science. All three contributors of the blog are from FYBSc...and we are the only volunteers from BSc in RFS and we got the questioning-raised-eyebrow look when we went to volunteer-

    Ok, back to business. About screening films, you can do it on your own laptop. If we get a lot of participants who want to screen movies, we might extend the exhibition and get an OHP. But otherwise you will have to arrange your own laptop. Sorry about that. You see booking that G-12 room is a difficult task.

    I can see jiggs has promptly made a gmail address. Mail for further queries.

    Anne Blythe

  3. firstly head off to u for planning to do your major in physics

    after recieving your querie we did talk to the teacher concerned and good news,we just might be able to arrange something but we'll have to wait for more responses
    visit the blog or mail us for regular updates

  4. by non commercial we mean not ''the typical hindi movie kinds''
    yup u can put up presentations on movies

  5. Are you going to major in physics? I fell in love with physics because of my school sci teacher and Isaac Asimov. I was going to pursue physics, until in the middle of XII I changed my mind and decided on life sci.

    I think you have a pretty good idea of what kind of movies rfs screens-it doesn't have to be totally non-commercial. I think Jiggs just wanted to warn anyone who might think of screening KANK. ;-)

    Oh ya, the date has been postponed to 8-16th for submission.