20 July, 2006

Right and Wrong, and My Limericks

*Warning* This post contains "Right and Wrong". If you think it should rather be "right and left", please consult a mirror.
*Warning* Warnings are not to be taken too seriously. E = mc^2 . Oops.

I've wanted to post about my views on Right and Wrong for a long time. But first, something about the limericks I write:

My Limericks

As "true poems" become rarer
The purists look on in terror
Wrong rhymes are OK
Unfunny lines not so away
But wrong metre is a fatal error!

Technically speaking, my limericks are wrong. Wrong, as in, they don't exactly follow the metre and the pattern prescibed for limericks. I find those rules rather hard to follow. For me, the criterion for testing my limerick is this: It must sound nice when read aloud, and the last line must be funny. And, of course, it must have five lines, and the aabba scheme (that's important for a funny last line ;-) ). I hate to be rigid, but I have to accept that it won't please the purists. I hope my lims does please you. :D

Right and Wrong

What's the deal with Right and Wrong?
Why does this debate take too long?
It just results in a fight
This Wrong and Right
I'd rather spend my time writing a song. ;-)

What's right, what's wrong? This is a question I've been wondering about since I started adolescence. I'm sure you all wonder about it too. It's rather hard to answer it directly, generally, and accurately. In fact, that's what I'm reading a book on Ethics for. So, I'm not in a position to answer, or think carefully about the question right now. But I still have my musings. :-) Just a brief note on them:

Firstly: Is it a dichotomy? Can't there be grey areas? But, in a particular case, can there be grey areas? Isn't, by definition, not right = wrong? I think so. In general, though, there can be grey areas, for which we must consider the individual cases.

Secondly: Is it important? I mean, does it matter that someone steals pens from their company, when it doesn't matter to the company? It's wrong, but does it matter? I don't think so. Right and Wrong only matters when decisions are made. In small cases, it doesn't.

I don't know what else to say... I'll have to read more on Ethics.

My next post will probably be some "Anti-Limericks". :D


  1. abscondingsoul20/7/06 8:53 PM

    well i don't think someone who enjoys good poetry will care about the finer nuances. bet we all just love 'good' poetry and not necessarily a 'proper' one. don't bother about metre , dude . just do your own thing.
    coming to right and wrong , i'll just say this. there's a bit of the slimshady in all of us ;)

  2. Being one of those musical types
    Always playing a set of bagpipes
    "The onion," he said,
    "is just different," he pled,
    "No one cries when you cut up the pipes!"

    Just made it up. What can I say ... you inspire me :o)

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