27 August, 2006

Our Status

Note: Next post will have limericks, I promise. I am writing poems of late, I do want to get back to pure limericks. :-)

I can't sit beside a person
Because he's too dumb
Our group will lose it's status
And we'll all be plumb.

The disease of mediocrity will spread
And the fire will engulf us all
Our marks that are signed in red
Will be much lower this fall.

The prestige of intelligence, will fade away fast
I help this guy once, and my IQ won't last.

Everybody not with us, is a crank, creep, or freak
Everyone hot... is us, it's our group others seek.

If I don't agree with the mass
My opinion ain't worth a dime
If it doesn't chime, it's crass.

If I go outside the group
And make friends with others
I'm a traitor, bastard, a curse
And I'm involved in a coup.

Let's sing, enjoy, help, study
And not be enveloped
In myth of supiority bloody
One day, it'll be usurped.

Note: I need a better last stanza. Criticisms are welcome, but I do confess the last stanza is baaad. I'll work on improving it, and then I'll remove this note.:-)


  1. i don't really agree with you dude. and i hate to tell you this, but you are not assigning priorities to loyalties, if you are being blasted as a traitor.

  2. I didn't get it. Were you basically commenting on the restrictive nature of cliques?
    I'm known in my year level as one of the brightest yet I hang around with some of the... less academically gifted. And my friends are really understanding when I refuse to work with them in class(because of their inferior grades). And I'm pretty well accepted by a lot of people from other social groups. But I acknowledge the fact that some people aren't as lucky as me. And I'm sorry if your'e not :)

  3. Yeah, you're right... I was commenting on the restrictive nature of cliques. I was using the example of my group in college, (though we don't have so many problems ;-) )... but I wanted to comment on all kinds of cliques in general.

    Thanks for your insights, Jan. :-)