05 December, 2007

A poem for a Birthday

A birthday poem, that's new! I know. I sent it to Charmaine on her Birthday recently, when she turned 19. She liked it, and agreed to illustrate it for posting it on my blog. So, here it is, and she's done the drawing nicely (although I wish she would tone down the sarcasm a bit... but hey, where else do you find self-satirical cartoons? ;) )

This might take a while to load, so have patience. :)

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  1. Hey! I kept the sarcasm to a minimum. But what did you expect? You made me draw my own birthday present!! If you remember correctly, Rahul, I asked for a drawing, not a poem... ;) :P

    ...Besides it WAS kinda inaccurate...

  2. aww...it's so cute! I loved it.

  3. Thanks!! :D

    But I really do think I kept the sarcasm to a minimum..