29 October, 2007

School Comics - 1

Charmaine and I put together some comics recently. Charmaine did the drawing, I gave the inspiration for some of the ideas. I'll post three of the comics here... the First and Third are Charmaine's own work, the second is based on an idea by me. Tell us whether you like these. :)


  1. They aren't uproariously funny, but they are quite amusing ^^ I like Charmaine's cartoon style, it's pleasing to the eyes.

  2. Hey! In my defence all mine were done either when I was bored (really bored) or my brain melted coz I was studying for hours straight!

    But thanks :) It's always good to hear people like the way you draw, and that you're not totally un-funny :D

  3. I really liked the third one..its what i always do!

  4. The first one is extremely good... I did not really understand the second one and the third one is a common sin commited by students.

    - Tanmay

  5. Tanmay, I didn't get the second one either when Anonick/Rahul asked me to draw it! Lol! Now I feel more justified in my not getting it...

    Ps. Thanks, the first one was mine :D