25 January, 2008

Jabberwocky in Cartoon form!

I know, I have disappeared lately... but let me assure you that I have disappeared behind a buckload of physics ;).

And, yes, I have also been rather parasitic about my blog's contents, feeding mostly on Charmaine's creations... this post is another such shameless non-efforts. But it IS with Charmaine's permission, and I promise that the next post with be limericks, and all original works.

Enjoy Charmaine's belated Bday present for me till then... her Jabberwocky interpretation :) . (And that's me as the boy in most of the frames, btw. :D)


  1. I need to dig up my 'The Annotated Alice' and read up all those tiny implications scattered throughout this poem. But great cartoons!

  2. Way to go Raj and Jan. Great work as usual!!

  3. Hahaha, this rendition of Jabberwocky is quite cute; good job, Charmaine ^^ That said, here's my favorite rendition of the famous Carroll poem:


    Very fun~

  4. That muppets rendition is really cute! I love the muppets :) Thanks for the link :D