03 May, 2007

Deep Thoughts

Firstly, some apologies for not posting frequently. This vacation has been so boring, and that had an effect on the blog too. I'll try to post more often now.

Btw, have a look at French Fries and Videotape, a newly started blog on films (it currently has one post), of which I am co-author. :)

Next post is a creative collaboration with Charmaine, and I'm sure you'll like it. :D

Here's this post's main subject, inspired by Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy. I like those: witty, silly, and sometimes of the laugh-out-loud variety. So I thought, lets try making some up myself.

  • Life would be so much more interesting if my surname were Mind. Then my school teachers would call me "Master Mind". It would be good for my resume. Maybe I'd go on billboards. Of course, after I marry, I'll become "Mister Mind", which... doesn't really make sense.
  • I want to practise Hara Kiri, even if it's the last thing I do.
  • Yeah, maybe life is like football. I just wish I didn't have to spend so much time dribbling.
  • A musing is not always amusing.
  • Sometimes, I think, what's that gotta do with anything. But then it turns out that that that is the cause of this that, in fact, that's whole root of this, and that really stuns me.
  • I'd want to spend the last 5 minutes of my life in a physics lecture, coz then it'd last forever!
  • If I chance upon a man in the street, and he starts running after me, it's not my wallet. It's just me. Either people wanna kidnap me real fast, or they think I'm a terrorist. Or it's that Chocolate bar hanging out of my pocket.
  • There are some people who just won't believe I'm God. When I chance upon one of them, I instruct my legion of followers to beat him up, and then I rescue him, and he says "Savior!". And if it's a woman, we make love.
  • Absence makes the heart go yonder. Presence makes the heart go blip. But Abstinence is the worst of all.
  • I saw a girl staring at me today, and I was like, "Yo, handsome!". Then another girl stared at me, and I thought... maybe there's a spider on my face.

Tell me what you think. ;)


  1. I like them, especially the harikiri one ^^

  2. Hmm... A sincere effort and it's peppered with some funny lines like, 'A musing is not always amusing.'. The problem is not the humour element, but I think it is because you have not stuck to a single type of humour, say sarcasm. So when put together, if you observe, it does not seem to have that fluidity of flow. For example, one might be sarcastic and the other might have a pun, but anyway, it is probably not your fault.
    If you attempt this again, try arranging lines that have puns, sarcasms, dry wit and so on, together. So it will help the flow.

  3. A few were cute, a few weren't funny so over all it averaged out to OK...:P

    But keep it up, it's great to see another post :D There hasn't been one for a while :(

  4. Thanks for yer comments...

    Laev: Thanks. That one is my favourite too.

    Absconding: I tried to space them out evenly, so it was a homogenous mix. I'll try your suggestion next time, maybe it'll work better.

    Charms: That's the thing, not everything will amuse everyone. But I hope everyone finds some sentences funny.


  5. Very nice and refreshing! I like lists..;)