11 May, 2007


Yes! I told you in the previous post about a "creative collaboration with Charmaine". Well, Charmaine draws really cute cartoons, so we got together to make two "cartoonicks", which are essentially limericks with cartoon for each line.

Oh, and may I put a thought about Charmaine's cartoons: awesome!

Do tell us if you like them, mates. And suggestions always welcome.


  1. Mind-blowing! The girl is outta this world, man! It has me completely floored!!! This is the kind of stuff that makes a blog great. You should have more such collaborations. In fact try this for every lim!

  2. Thanks, You're so sweet! :)
    :D It's that kind of response that makes Rahul constantly badgering me for the cartoons worth it :):P

  3. Excellent! It's so innovative and original. Loved reading them. And great illustrations!

  4. I liked the Musicians one a lot; "I don't know how to play!" "Neither do I!" Hahaha XD

    I liked the drawings a lot, Charmaine ^^