11 April, 2007

I'm back! With a limerick-poem

Well, this is my first post from Scribefire... and let's see how it works... I have been busy, very busy, but I haven't forgotten this blog (so dont accuse me ;-) ). I will write a post with some actual content soon, but for now, here are some limericks (in case you thought my creativity was dead or something :P) :

(The last stanza is a double-limerick: 9 lines, aabbaabba ... lol.)

Our Hero the Pianist

There was a pianist from near Rome
(From near-about where they all come)
But challenged to a duel
By Publius (no fool)
All our hero could manage was "Um..."

He prided his abilities, the near-Roman
But Publius's dare was no good omen
Though, the "No" was undone
Because whoever won
Could get a bossomy, voluptuous woman.

Our hero, you know, an artist in penury
Considered the offer with the air of a jury
Reasoned, but sexual affinity,
Unappeased since loss of virginity,
Mouthed a "yes", and began pianing with fury...

A distracted artist has the skill of a whale
With one eye on the 'ano, one on the female
Our hero, driven by lust
Lost the contest, his first
Vowed strongly: never again will he fail...
"All contests from now," he stated in detail
"Will not have diversions
While I play with urgence!
All duels, henceforth, will be done on email!"

Do comment. :)

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  1. Hmmm, good poem, but man it seems like you just wrote it to blog about something, the spirit of the limericker seems missing, but you made for it with the last line, lol!

  2. For once, I agree with absconding..lol.

    It didn't flow. Though nice limerick nonetheless.

  3. It was kinda... forced. Yeah... that's the word - forced. It was fun but a little forced. I still liked it though :D

  4. hmmm... I dunno... I liked it... forced/unforced - all i see is that it's nice...