22 March, 2007

Physics Poem

I've been indulging in physics a lot lately, so this is another physics-poems post. It's about the history of physics, not physics itself, so it may be more enjoyable, i hope. For the largest collection of physics poems on the net I've seen... go here. Enjoy.

A lot of internal rhyme, and I hope it's entertaining enough. It isn't intended to be funny, just entertaining. :)

The incomparable parable of Natural Philosophy
To be discussed over equations, motions (and coffee)
Is subtle, sound and profound,
Though, as yet, incomplete.
It is, after all, no feat mean,
It's been on since century sixteen.

When nature subject, to laws abject,
Was freed from them by scientists keyed
To observe, calculate, and discover the trait
Of every object and every ball
As they fall and follow their fate.

Of mechanics and fluid dynamics, the Great Surge
With Scientists believing them being on the verge
Of unravelling the baffling, was thus impelled.
But what began with Newton was now Maxwelled.

The laws governing the turning and churning
Of magnesite, light and the core's burning,
The Maxwellian tech and Newtonian mech
Being incompatible, generated quibble,
Manics modified electrodynamics by tricks
They could not but help spreading the panic.

But space, time, and all rhyme, was fine
Until the entry of patent clerk Einstein.
The codified Newton modified, in favour of ED
And then ten years later, altered gravity!
He was half-believed, but few conceived
How lovely and true was the physics renewed.

But we've been hacked, sidetracked by the histories
Of relativity and gravity, forgetting greater mysteries
Decipered by the think-tank of Plank, with blackbodies
Galvanised and incised by, Herr Einstein's oddities.
Applied by Bohr to the datum of atoms fiery
Soon to be known as the Ol' Quantum Theory.

But the cold, old theory just the tip of the iceberg
Uncovered whole by Schroedinger and Heisenberg
Was a revolution, for the momentum and position
No longer was simultaneous, contemporaneous information.
And determinism, schismed by h's uncertainty
Could no longer be predicted by a omniscient deity.

But it was much more, than gathered from lore
For it explained, to the trained, opened the door
To the nucleus, superconductors, being the Prometheus
Using the universal laws, to human cause,
The cornerstone of 20th century cataclysm
It's now at computers, what began at prisms.

Let's see soon what the new moon brings
Will it be loops, hoops or strings?
Is the universe a discrete treat?
Let's wait for physicists to admit it
It's just an impossible feat.


  1. Nice work, though the rhyme seems forced at places. But I guess that should be expected as the terminology is technical. But a very good effort,I must say, someone with only the kind of love for physics would manage to come up with.


    But I'm sure it'd be cool if I knew what you were talking about :)

  3. its totally cute