13 March, 2007

Physics limericks, and post-exam musings

Well, yep, the exams are, like, totally over. And I'm, like, totally happy. Kinda.

Anyway, I actually wanted to say something here...

The exams ended today, and I am happy to say that they went well. How well, though, remains to be seen... results are in a month. This summer, I plan to do some theoretical physics, and I hope my overbearing laziness won't take over me.

About the blog, I plan to get writing again... I'll be featuring a parody, a story, more limericks, and a rant about faith soon. Currently, I dunno, I'm not in the mood for ranting. :-)

Physics Humour

Ok, most of you won't understand this... but I want to try and write some physics limericks, inspired and uninspired. Have a look at this article here. So, here goes nothing... (only limericks, I'm incapable of making real jokes.)

There was once an electron in a p-n junction
Who couldn't help the others in conduction
Some said he wasn't (w)hole
That he was the opposite pole
But he just had an abnormal wavefunction!

Friends of a light wave, circularly polarised
Complained of it's being improperly oversized
Grabbed it's right hand
Passed it through quartz, and
Now it's linear, and effectively pint-sized!

A thieving wave stole without reservations
Curie-us physicists noted non-conservations
But finally it struck a plate
And it faced it's fate
As it died instantly on observation!

Lol, I knew you wouldn't get them. But I'm just experimenting ;-). Do comment. :-)


  1. Yup, many people won't get the lims, but you could try linking words like 'curie' to articles on Wikipedia.

  2. Nice Rahul... keep writing stuff like this...


  3. Hey, this is interesting..i got the 2nd one..It's cool! I'd like more science-oriented limericks. Only you'll have to explain them to me later on...lol

    I think Absconding has a knack of getting into arguments..cum on..ppl know curie ok. You need to link polarised and p-n junction.

  4. WHOOSH!
    Hear that? The sound of those going straight over my head. Don't feel bad, I just suck at physics :) I still liked them.