26 January, 2007


Note: If you're here for limericks, scroll down. This is a post where I have outlined my plans for the blog.

I never expected it, but such is fate
My Blog got love, and not much hate
You can, at this rate
Continue to await
More surpises, good post, after post 98!

This is the 98th post (including 3 drafts) on my blog. It's been here since may 2006, and I'd never dreamt I'd continue it for this long. My earlier blogs would be abandoned after a short while. I can't believe that I'll have posted 100 posts here soon! :D

Along the way, what kept me going were the limericks. True, I haven't posted many in the past month, but I sense a return to form soon (I hope ;-) ). And, of course, the readers have too. People liked this blog (It was selected as Bestest Blog of the Day), and I hope you'll like it in the future too.

Now for some plans. I've tried writing serious poetry, but I cannot write good poems. I wanna keep writing funny ones, if that's all I can do in poetry, I'm pretty comfortable. Maybe I'll try writing serious ones again some day. Currently, though, I'm concentrating on writing short stories... I posted one on my blog a few days ago. I'm trying to write one each month. I've also planned a novel, but that'll take a looong time. Then there are my rants, about religion, pseudo-science, and whatnot. And some personal posts, to keep you updated.

There'll be the movie series, of which two posts remain. I also want to write a review of "Amores Perros", and see how that goes. Also, I have a new idea for a possibly monthly feature: conversations. That's right. Some interesting chats I plan to have with friends, talking about important and not-so-important stuff. But that's still preliminary.

Did I leave something out? Yes! Limericks! Lots of them :-)

One change I have to make to my blog to make it more user-friendly: I have to label all my posts, and then link to the labels in the sidebar, or like Hoctro has done.

Hope you like my plans. If you like my blog, do recommend it, add a link in your sidebar (I'll add one to yours too) , and of course, comment. :D I really like to receive feedback, be it praise or criticism. Thanks... Keep reading...

Update: The "Labels" have been added to the sidebar, what I've wanted to do for long. So, welcome to the new organised Limericker... if you're new here, browse by the labels. :-)


  1. I am looking forward to 'conversations'. Wonder if they'll have me in them....

  2. So are you going to do anything special for your 100th post? :)
    You HAVE to! You know how I get with anniversaries...

  3. You CAN write good non-funny poems. e.g.-Claustrophobia.