03 January, 2007

Nobel ... a story by me

It'd been 4 years since I wrote a story, and I often get the urge to write one... so I thought, why not? I got good feedback from friend of mine, so I'm posting the link here.


Do comment. I need feedback, as always :-).


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  2. Well good effort, like I said, the end could have been more cheerful. But I like the time-shift in the story. Seems like something out of a Quentin Tarantino work(maybe written when he was 19?). But while it lacked were some emotions in certain places but the Nobel speech dream sequence was well crafted.

  3. Excellent writing...I told you its like Asimov. Horrible end though.

  4. I liked it. Grr it seems like all my friends can write creatively but me! (I have no imagination)

    Although sometimes some of the words didn't suit the mood. I don't know what it was but they didn't fit and it kinda pulled me out of the story a bit. (Don't hate me, I meant that in the nicest way...)