26 January, 2007

Demands (limerick-poem)

My angry girlfriend became haterer
So I made some food to cater her...
But my cooking was bland
The bhaji sour, and
the Paper dosas were just paperer!

I tried to console her with tea
That wasn't, at all, made by me...
But it turned out,
(After a small bout)
That she actually liked coffee!

Then I went to fetch some of that
But high calorie "might make her fat"
More frustrated than ever
She threw some into the sewer
And the rest was thrown to the cat!

That was it, I said, break-up's due
More picky then you, I've seen few
And I said "Get out"
She said "Don't shout,
You go, This is where I live!"


  1. Well, the poem could have been betterer. It was good that you didn't offer to have sex, she would have done some unthinkable thing with your thingy.

    Next time, try having a girlfriend without a cat...

  2. Lol! That was cute!

    But you obviously don't know how to deal with girls.
    You always shut up, agree, give her what she wants, take her out to eat if she's hungry (ie. don't cook if you can't) and if that doesn't work buy her a present (preferably something shiny). That way your cat escapes unharmed :) :P