28 December, 2006


Yes, it's my birthday today. Nice, eh? Well, yeah, kinda. But...

1) Hey, it's not like I became 19 in one moment. It was a gradual, slow, sometimes dejecting process. I liked it though. I because a bit more studious, a bit more outgoing, a bit less narrow-minded.

2) Well, all that's happened is: the earth made 19 revolutions (approx.) since I came into this world. But, did I become conscious then? Should we count it from the date of conception? Is birth as important as the two aforementioned events? Shouldn't the day I picked up my first copy of Childcraft be more important (I read science, stories and limericks there, when I was a kid).

3) My future is still uncertain (even not thinking of physics for a while, which is kinda hard for me).

4) My present is confusing.

5) Life, and the world, sucks. Kinda.

Ok, I never really rant about my personal life on the blog, and I don't want to break that tradition (I like being "British" sometimes ;-) ). But, just to let you know. Anonick is now 19, and he celebrates with some limericks:

The first one is benign:

The month of December brings
Among a lot of nice other things
Like Christmas,
(A lot of fuss,)
And, when "Happy Birthday" they sing. :D

A bit sexual, this second one:

There was a man born in December
Who's out of boyhood, into ember
And whose progress
Would NOT be less
If he'd just stop abusing his member!

Well, Happy Borthday to me, have fun everyone! :D


  1. Well, look on the bright side, you're now in your 20st year of your life. Much to look forward to in your twenties, like having to find a job, losing your hair, and discovering that the 10 bottles dandruff shampoo you bought in a discount actually smell funny and seems to attract small dogs.
    Kudos my friend.

  2. Lol! You're ancient!

    And birthdays aren't so much about the day. It's about the opportunity for those who love you to celebrate the fact that you are in their lives - just being there and being you. And what better day to do that than the day you were brought into the wider world?

    And as always I loved the Lims :)