08 January, 2007


Well, couldn't think of a better title. I'm writing lims after a long time... hope you like em.

In a small suburb of Mumbai
There lived a poor private eye
Who looked at every face
Promptly solved the case
And left his clients wondering "why?"

They chased after him, Mr Miller
And queried about the filler
He just said he knew
But it was known by few
That he was always hired by the killer!

There was a purist guy from Venice
Who heard an Indian pronounce "Penis"
"Why don't you say 'dick',
Or just call it a 'prick' "
The Indian replied, "I'd rather go for anus!"

There was a noble knight from Britian
Who fought a duel with a kitten
His duelling was lous
So he yelled "mouse"
And cut the head off the kitten.

That's all for today... :-) The last one was deliberately shocking... (er, or intended to be).


  1. Well nice to have some lims after a long long time. As you would probably expect, I liked the Venice and the kitten ones more than the others. Decapitation served the kitten right.
    (I like to be sadistic at times...)

  2. Contradictory to absconding, I liked the first one better then the rest.

  3. Hmmm... I think I liked them all the same - which is alot :)

  4. he he it was all well and good thats why i decided to read it all instead of skim