22 January, 2007

Guest Poem - Oxymorons

This is a masterpiece by my friend Gaurav...

Bottomless pit

Overfilled with emptiness, my psyche,
keeps me busy being an idle tyke
and fortunately for this misfortune
you're the sinless culprit, ever since June.

Lost in your thoughts, unthoughtful,
I am worthy of being a worthless fool.
Your innocent look played a guilty part,
in sneaking away my heartless heart.

Your vision unseen, is all I dream, deep,
every night in my insomniac sleep.
Find I, yet, this melancholy much pleasant,
I enjoy fantasising such realism incessant.

My timid audacity makes bit hope spring,
so I approach you, like a vaguely clear thing.
Our eyes serve well for the unspoken speech,
During the rarely surplus moment, each.

And to my obvious un-anticipation hence,
I sensibly end up talking nonsense.
Unknowlingly, I get carried away I know,
when I am remotely close to you, my love.

My patience impatient, in front of you dies,
When my blindfolded glance falls on your lovely eyes.
A brilliant fool of myself I make,
Like some ridiculously complex, piece of cake.

For such guiltless sin, don't blame me for it.
This loathsome love, is but a bottomless pit.

- Gaurav


  1. My first reaction was "cute" but that word hardly seems appropriate for a piece like that.
    Um... It was expressive while still being true to the form with couplets that, while not always in perfect rhyme, set up a rhythmic flow to the piece that was... quite... pleasant...?

    ...That was more fitting than "cute" right?...

  2. congratulations on this blog. I noticed you have a link on the random button site, and its right below mine. Congrats on making the Bestest list also! I hope my blog can get recognition like that.

    -J-Man Jeff

  3. The best couplet is definitely.... Your innocent look played a guilty part,
    in sneaking away my heartless heart.

    Amazing line...<3