26 December, 2006

Letter to Santa

Well, here is an attempt at humour... yesterday, I was in a funny mood, so I wrote this. Hope you like it. It was just for laughs, nothing serious intended. Don't take offence. ;-)

Here's the link: An open letter to Santa.

Do comment. :)


  1. I never doubted Anonick's abilities to write something funny. But I have to say some of the previous attempts did not hit the spot. But this definitely does bro. Looking forward to more...

  2. Oh, and by the way: I featured one of your older limericks in my latest post (among other light verse); check it out!

  3. You always manage to make me laugh!

    But Santa's still a bit of a raw spot with me since my chem teacher told us Santa (and the Easter bunny) didn't exist while teaching us equilibrium (I could have cried :P)