04 September, 2006

Some Limericks :D

There was a bad-in-bed man of Kent
Who believed it extremely importent
To have intercourse
With horses and whores
He was so bad, they turned impotent!

A mathematician, for consistency, pined
Although it took him long years to find
The logic he destroyed
With the proof he toyed
And now the poor sod is undefined!

There was, in the days of old
A man with a penis of pure gold
But his wife was so hot
When an erection he got
It'd melt, shifting to another mold!

Hehe, hope you liked them. Do comment. :-)


  1. abscondingsoul4/9/06 8:05 PM

    good to see some l'ricks after some long time. i found the last one quite funny. bUt the same thing could happen with a condom as well. Latex also has a lower melting point.

  2. Lol! I think abscondingsoul took that a little to literally... But if you were going to be REALLY nitpicky why (and how) would a guy have a pure gold penis and how could his wife get so hot she was 1064.43 °C (the melting temp. for gold if I'm not mistaken)? :P

    But I digress. They were cute! I was giggling like a yr 7 reading "where babies come from" :D

  3. I really liked the first and third, very funny ^^ And yes, that would be getting really hot to melt gold XD

  4. hah an undefined mathematician... lol. great post really liked the second one.