07 September, 2006

I've been a-studying

Well, not exactly... but I've been busy. I'm also trying to study for the exams, which are in a month. So, I've not been able to update my blog much, although I have a few new ideas, like a "favourite" lists, and a post on astrology. Those'll come soon... currently, I'm too busy to think and post. But here are two mediocre on-the-spot limericks, so that you won't miss the Limericker ;-) :

There was an ancient king named Tut
Who died early, from murder or cut?
But they say he curses
Those who lift his purses
Be that as it may, he sure kicks butt!

(OK, This one is for those who know physics... actually, just snell's law)

There was a crazy Dutchman named Snell
Who fell in a deep water-filled well
He saw that the light-line
Was deflected by theta-sine
Times n, and this was his to tell!


  1. cool l'ricks, i am going to be busy too ( since anonick and i are classmates, ) but don't let the limericks stop. Willebrord Snellius wud be turning in grave by now.

  2. You have a very annoying pop-up ad at times.

    Nice one on Snell.

    I am trying to study too but failing at it.

  3. I'm waiting for that post on astrology-
    I pray to God that you're a skeptic.


  4. You know very well I hat physics with a passion but that one on Snell made me giggle!