11 September, 2006

Llamaricks (again!)

Well, I'd posted some llamaricks a few months ago... now here they are again... taken from the BAUT forum. All are mine... Hope you don't get sick of 'em ;-).

Llamaricks begin with classic zeal:

The llama starts mating in December
And end the whole thing in November
What's the big deal?
It's just squeal, squeal
And it always gets tired by September.

Crossbreeding gives 'em a queer feel:

A llama when crossed with an ant
(Some did try it... it just can't)
Will be a lot bigger
Than an ant's finger
But smaller than an ant infant.

They continue to grow
And raise the brow:

Llamas when mated with chimps
Walks often erect, sometimes limps
But when with a human
Shortly (In a few mon)...
All the hybrids become pimps!

Finally, vanquished, we all kneel...

A limerick writer became intensely frantic
And tired, of writing on antic upon antic
Of the llama creed
That too, without need
That he grew unromantic of the semantic.

Lol... hope you liked 'em. :D


  1. the llamaricks were nice, but there were too many in one post to handle, ahd to wash them all down with some gazelles of beer. ( i hope somebody here gets the stupid pun ; i am too stoned to think of anything funnier...)

  2. Lol! Llamas are a funny subject. But I agree too many llamas! (I never thought I'd hear myself say that...)

  3. Yamas! All right ^^ Clever with the poem within the poems~ I think I like the first one the best.