17 September, 2006

Being busy, and a change

Well, I registered today on "Writely.com"... I tried to post to the blog from there... didn't work. Hopefully is this probalem is solved, I can post to my blog from writely... better formatted posts. :)

I'm busy, exams are close, and study is taking up much of my time. I'm so sorry... I'll try to post frequently inspite of that... only, gimme a day or two to organise my studies and all. :-)

So, that's that... I end this short post with a limerick :-)

There was a man names Lance
Who was very afraid of exams
He'd just eat his books
(To the wonder of his cooks)
Vomiting them out in the exams!

Well, all I can think about is exams... :-(.


  1. Lol! We all get like that (well all nerds do anyway :P)
    Mine are coming up too :( The only advice I can give you is breathe... but not too much, you'll get dizzy... not too little, you'll pass out :P

    Cute Lim BTW :)

  2. well don't remind me of exams either bro. i am already pissed off with the fact i have to attempt more exams than you and have to study in the vacations too!

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism_and_science

    Well, maybe your right. I was just putting a point of view forward. And I forgot how exactly my dad got till the Physics line (nor can he) but I remember the Zen Buddhism part clearly.