03 August, 2006

The Classic Limerick

Sorry for not posting in 3 days, I was too busy with college. I know, coming up with limericks and writing them doesn't take much time, but I was really busy. :-)

The Classic Limerick always begins with a person from a city (the city forms the end of line one). Edward Lear's limericks are a perfect example. Some of my favourite limericks posted earlier also come in this category (Nantuket, Exeter). I've tried making a few:

There was a man from New Delhi
Who ate tons and tons of Jelly
His room was kept
Where his family slept
I'm talking about his huge pot belly!

Here, it's not a person, but a city:

The little old town of Neverville
Had a flu that made the clever ill
The ones who were healthy
Were happy, I tell thee
If that isn't envy, there never will!

And here's one which goes the way of anti-limericks:

There was a dead pirate of the Sea
Whose lines were long as long could be
He wasn't exactly a star
Of the "Rhymes-From-Afar"
Cause' his poems always ended with "Arr!!!"

Hoped you liked them... I promise to be regular from today. :D (I hope promises can be broken ;-) ).


  1. too cool. these classic l'ricks are really classy. i especially loved the second one !

  2. I was bored tonight,
    So I thought I would visit your site.
    It seems to be pretty neat,
    I'm not sure if I have the right beat.
    I will leave before I become a fright.