05 August, 2006

"Reflection"s, and College

Recently, there was a comment on my post "Change, Poetry and Physics" where the commenter, Leavanescence, directed me to some poems of Ogden Nash. I googled and read many poems by Nash. He's a very funny poet, very creative. I was inspired by him.

Many of Nash's Poems are entertaining two liners:

Reflection on Babies
A bit of talcum
Is always walcum.

So, I tried my own:

Reflection on College
Because of Lectures,
Get Brain Fractures.

Reflection on Student Life

I have become a fan of the two-line poem... you can say so much in a few words ("Purity... is Obscurity" - Nash). Sometimes, what is funny is the title. Here is one more of mine:

Reflection on Dinner
Is starting.

Now, here is a slightly longer poem about college:


Is it paradise? Is it cool?
The only thing I say is
It's better than high school.

Are there beautiful girls
Wanting to bond with a nerd?
Yeah, like your face
Wants to bond with turd.

Then what is college?
Just studies? Grades?
Well, if you study a lot
All desire slowly fades.

Your life becomes routine
All you read is books
You forget you're a teen
And outta go for looks.

That's the way life is
Inside it's all rotten
Outside, all fizz.

Hope you liked me experimenting with poetry and proper metre. Do comment. :)


  1. well , i am not exactly a fan of two-l ine poems , i really dont think they are good poems, though good observations. il ike the traditional variety. and hey anonick, is our college that bad? college is fun ! and stop calling yourself a nerd.

  2. I find that two-liners work well for humorous observations only; some funny things don't deserve to be stretched out (like farting! XD) so a couple lines is enough to make your point and move on.

    Also, glad you like Ogden Nash, Anonick ^^

  3. I find that two-liners only work well for humorous observations. Certain things (like farting! XD) don't deserve to/can't be stretched out much, so a couple lines is plenty to make the point and move on.

    Also, glad you like Ogden Nash, Anonick ^^

  4. Hey, Abscondingsoul,I think Anonick calling himself a nerd is OK if he wants to. As long as he knows he's an intelligent, interesting individual and doesn't mean it in any really self depreciating way. I'm a nerd and proud of it, so I figure other people are allowed to be :)