30 July, 2006

Change, Poetry, and Physics


Change is the only contant in life
No change often leads to strife
Balance is needed, much
'Cause the lightest touch
Of change too much, is a knife!

Yesterday, my friend Absconding-Soul decided to change his blog a little, and increase the range of his blog. I was reminded of how, about a month ago, I too changed my blog. I started including my own thoughts along with the limericks, with situational limericks in the serious posts. My impersonal blog became psuedo-personal. And the idea was sucessful : my friends liked it, The Limericker became Bestest Blog of the Day for July 18th. I have been mighty pleased with the outcome. :D

Change has to be the only contant in life. For me, routine is boring, and change is essential. So, my blog will keep changing and evolving with time. With every change, I plan to learn and take the good forward, leaving the bad behind.


I have been reading some technical details about Poetry. I want to expand my range beyond limericks, and make my limericks better in terms of metre and rhyme. I am not into serious poetry however... for some reason, it bores me. But I will try. The short term plan, however, is to explore the world of non-limerick funny poetry. I hope I can do it. Comments, as always, will be welcome. :D


There was a young lady named Kite
Who went much faster than light
She shattered light cones
But was eaten by tachyons
Serves her right!

Now for a totally unrelated topic: Physics. The thing I love about physics is ( I know what you're thinking: dork!) that it is beautiful. The equations and derivations are lovely, of course, but the physical interpretation is the beautiful thing about Physics.

Physics can, partly, answer the "why" questions in the real world. And it can do so aesthetically, on principles of symmetry, elegance. Of course, that is not the whole story. But it adds an element of art to physics, making it aesthetically pleasing.

I'm not going to talk much about physics, partly because "I ain't seen nothing of physics yet", and partly because I want this blog to have a wider audience than just dorks ;-).

The next post is planned to be limericks-only. :-)


  1. it's good to see that you are going to expand beyond limericks and are going to try your hand at poetry. i guess change is imporatnt at personal level too. i believe blogs are an extension to one's personality and chenge in them reflect the change in the blogger's outlook. it is important for us to reach out to a wider audience as well as reach further within us...
    waiting eagerly for your poetry and more l'ricks.

  2. nice blog ! and nice poetry keep up the good work !
    The JOKES Blog

  3. Nice poetry. You said you wanted to expand your poetry style, so I thought I'd offer you an invatation to stop by mine. I've been told I have a very unique style of writing. Story like, lesson type, informative type writing with ryhmes. Drop by if ya want. Have a good one and keep it up, Mike...

  4. Gah! I seriously don't understand your love of physics. But then again people don't understand my love (well, extreme like) of chemistry.
    And you aren't a dork - you're too cool. You're a nerd :P

  5. Anonick is a limerick writer
    His verses get sharper and tighter.
    If his spelling was checked
    He'd get more respect
    And we'd think he was so much the brighter.

    Nice blog!

  6. Since you said you wanted to look into non-limerick funny poetry, Ogden Nash would be worth looking into; he wrote a lot of nice Bestiary poems. Here's a couple:

    The Germ

    A mighty creature is the germ,
    Though smaller than the pachyderm.
    His customary dwelling place
    Is deep within the human race.
    His childish pride he often pleases
    By giving people strange diseases.
    Do you, my poppet, feel infirm?
    You probably contain a germ.


    The Fly

    God in his wisdom made the fly
    And then forgot to tell us why.


    Also, some of your limericks are nice, kudos for the blog ^^