18 July, 2006

Good things, Bad things...

My Blog is among the Bestest Blogs :D
But I cannot see it, my ISP blocks
Limericks are love
But, by Jove
Freedom of Expression's being fed to dogs.

Bestest Blog

My Blog is now Bestest Blog of the day (July 18th) on Bestest Blog of all time . I am so thrilled! :D I never really expected this, but now... it'll take time to sink in. I want to thank Bobby Griffin for this. I've always wanted to reach many people, and now I can. :-)

I feel like I'm recieving a Oscar :D. "I'd like to thank my muse, my friends who supported me..." ... lol! Keep reading, I promise to keep posting (unless college is too busy ;-) ). Do comment, and do have fun!

India Blocks Blogs

Along with good news come bad things . (Or maybe I'm too pessimistic.) This is the Bad thing. Here is another article. I'll quote from both articles. Do read them. This is one more... it has much info. (an update on the post).

From the former article:
Web sites can be blocked if they contain pornography, speeches of hate, contempt, slander or defamation, or if they promote gambling, racism, violence or terrorism.

I can't see my own blog without a proxy. Does it contain those things too? Or does my friend's, who does nothing but praise India? I cannot even see Bestest Blog of All Time. I think this is a serious thing... a violation of the Freedom of Expression. Maybe I'm taking it too seriously... I quote from the latter article:

A post on The Great Indian Mutiny (http://mutiny.wordpress.com/2006/07/17/blog-blackout/) asked for more maturity from users as the issue was not freedom of speech, but only a temporary security measure.

I hope so. I hope I can see my blog again, I hope the thousand of blogs who have been blocked inspite of being, to use real life terminology, "innocent", are back again. I'll wait for a few weeks. I'm sad. But I'm ready to be patient if it's a security measure. :-) I hope everything will be back to normal soon.

I'll end with a limerick:

I could not see anything one day
I've gone blind, I heard myself say
But then someone lifted
And something was shifted
My own arse was in the way!

A desperate attempt at an on-the-spot limerick ... lol!


  1. abscondingsoul18/7/06 6:47 PM

    hey Anonick , congrats on having ur blog being selected as the bestest blog of the day ! hope u are now able to reach out to more & more people as u always wanted .
    my blog is also affected by the blocking of blogs by the indian govt. what is worse is that it has also blocked blogs that have worked to disseminate info about blast victims to relatives and concerned indians abroad. they have also sought to d othis secretky , and not by taking people into confidence. they could have started a site for people to report hate blogs and recommend the ones that are working to promote peace and harmony. also a complete secrecy was maintained on the alleged letter that went out to ISPs in the country to avoid a PR disaster . they could certainly have been more transparent.

  2. congrats on being bestest blog. that's how i got here, from hitting a link on the bestest blog.

    i hope you can see your own blog soon too. seems as though freedoms are being devoured all over the world.


  3. Congratulations on being named Best Blog Of The Day.

    I hadn't been to your blog before, but after reading a bit, I love it. My Father used to say limericks from time to time, usually as a total surprise to us and appropriate to the situation at hand, like you.

    Good Luck

  4. Congrats on bestest blog. I love limericks! I'm going to have to spend and hour tonight reading through the whole blog!


  5. Oh! Nice Blog!
    Limericks sure seem so much fun and funny!
    too bad they are blocking blogs in india. but you should always be optimistic!
    take care
    and keep posting

  6. Congrats on being bestest, which is also how I landed here.

    Since I'm here, I might as well share my favorite. This was written by a good friend of mine to celebrate my 40th birthday.


    The daddy of Katie and Scott
    Turned 40 and said, "That's a lot!
    I'm a systems man first
    But I find I've a thirst
    To write novels." And so he forgot

    All else but his paper and pen
    Writing tales of whodunit and when
    Til he wrote a bestseller
    That clever old feller
    But his kids had turned 40 by then!

  7. Came by here via Bestest Blog. Enjoyed the informative angle and the limericks.

  8. I also found you through the bestest blog. You have a fun and light-hearted way with words. Way to go on shouting for free speech with blogs in India. They're part of a complete democracy! Keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks for all your comments. I love you all. :D I'll try to keep up the good work ;-).

    I have found a temporary way out for the blog block... Hopefully this won't be blocked too.

  10. Lol! I love your Blog :)

  11. Wow, congratulations on your numerous awards!