23 July, 2006


I'm so sorry about not posting for two days. I was very busy with college, and didn't get much access to the PC.
So, here are the promised "Anti-Limericks". Firstly, I think of anti-limericks as poems posing as limericks but defiantly not following the prescribed rhythm or rhyme pattern. They're rebels. ;-)

When I speak of "Anti-Limericks"
I mean that weird, rebellious mix
No rhyme in 3, 4 ,
Topics that bore ,
Omission of lines: are useful tricks
But I prefer to make the lines six!

Here is a famous anti-limerick that's not mine:

There was a young lad of Honolulu
Whose limericks stopped at line two.

Here are some of mine again:

The lines are jumbled
She, angered, mumbled
The Duke, confused, had stumbled
In both the lines' order and rhyme
It was an utter waste of time!

Where did the last line dissapear?
I looked everywhere, it's not here
Look a beginning,
At the end, peer

That's all I can come up with now... more later! :D Do comment.

I found it, although it seems queer.


  1. the talent is peerless.....
    the anti-limericks are fun, they seem to cock a snook at the regular ones. they are a great tool for poetic effects. i'd like to see more anti-limericks, buddy.
    i really enjoyed the last one. the execution was terrific!

  2. Rahul, you have such a wonderful gift!
    But I must admit I'm a little miffed.
    Your turn of phrase and perfect rhyme,
    are nothing short of sublime! :(
    In short - I'm jealous :P

    (Gah! Stupid reading poetry. Whatever I read influences my writing!)