17 July, 2006

Mondays- Limerick Daze :D

For serious stuff, scroll down. :-)

Well, here are some fun limericks :

A little boy from Centric city
Well-known for his eccentricity
Even more name, gained
Although his fame pained
When he stepped on live electricity!

LOL ;-)

One day in some country, somewhere
Some mathematician had victory, fair
But some other guy
Corrected some digit of pi
While the other bounced off history, squared.

OK, that didn't make much sense... lol... enjoy limericks for their nonsense ;-).

Here's a five-line-rhyming one

The manager, one day, got the sack
His company's mainframe he did hack
Shouting "I'm BAAACK!"
Gave 'em a heart attack
Posting pics of his girlfriend's rack.

Here's what Wikipedia calls an anti-limerick:

The war of the worlds suddenly died
And the presidents of both worlds sighed
As their main heroes
Turned into Neros
And burnt 'em.

Well, have fun! :D Do comment.


  1. abscondingsoul17/7/06 8:28 PM

    great to see the limericker back at his best. all the limericks were fun! never thought l\'ricks cud be so innvative !
    u changed my perspective man !

  2. AnoNick...

    I've decided to make your crazy Limericks blog "The Bestest Blog of the Day" for Tuesday, July 18th.

    Please email me at bobbygriffin@gmail.com ASAP so I can give you some further details!

  3. I'm feeling somewhat subdued
    all my verses are both trite and rude
    at least, ones known by rote
    so I'll finish my note
    and avoid seeming overly rude!

  4. Bestest Blog of All Time sent me. Great site! I love poetry!