28 July, 2006

Murphy's Law

This is a rare longer non-limerick poem by me... Do comment. :-)

One day I was reading Wikipedia
When I suddenly got the bright idea
Of looking up Murphy's bad-luck Law
Silly, pessimistic, with many a flaw.
But, Thence I've been plagued with fear
Murphy is following me everywhere.

When I begin a new stanza, zealously
To rhyme I have to try... ardously
When urgently I want to call someone
All phones go dead when I pick up one!
The saloon's closed when I want to cut my hair
Murphy's damned law is following me everywhere.

Always, "stuck in the mail" is
My invitation to some bash
I'm sure that before I post this
My computer will crash.

How can I convince you
It isn't just me
These are facts so true
You all can see.

I'm not giving in, Murphy, not today
I'll challenge fate, whatever you say
I'll complete the poem without errors anywhere...
Murphy's NOT following me every...

*Fatal Error*


  1. quite funny. i know the guy and Ol' Murphy's law does seem to be haunting him. Chill out, dude.And shake off that rascal...

  2. funny i must say!! things happen the way they always do...but for people who know murphy's law they can blame murphy for it..