06 July, 2006

Amateurism, Limericks, and My Blog

This post contains Egotism.
Yes. No Erotism. I can hear you sighing.


It's not that the mind's in the sewer
It's just the unaltered love, the lure
It's a hobby, my friend
To be pursued till no end
It's not professionalism, it's Amateur!

I like to be amateur. The word expresses a certain kind of love for a hobby: not too much, but not little. I am an amateur singer, an amateur programmer, a very amateur poet, and a lot more. The only thing I'd like be a pro in is Physics. All other things, I'm satisfied to be an amateur.

There are advantages... no one takes your work too seriously, so there is no pressure. And you can still concentrate on the one thing (Physics, in my case) that you like above all others. But there are disadvantages. Take msuic. I sing a lot of bollywood songs. But I will never be able to understand the basics as well as nuances of music unless I make an effort to study it. I don't have time for that now. So amateur remains... amateur.


Lines five, two and one make
A very happy piece of rhyme-cake
Lines two, three
Rhyme with glee
No more lines, for Mr. Lear's sake!

About poetry: I write only small poems, besides limericks. My limericks are not even close to perfect when it comes to metre, and sometimes rhyme. I try to compensate for that by infusing some creativity and variety.

One more thing about limericks is that a "serious limerick" seems a contradiction in terms. If the last line is not funny, it seems like a dissapointment. I want to try to get over that and actually write some serious limericks. I am going to read more about limericks so that I can get my metre and rhyme right.

This Blog

A remote corner of the net
Is that all I get?
I will cherish it, and post
Post till I'm toast!

Please wish me good luck in my future plans for this blog: social commentary, personal posts, serious limericks... The funny limericks will not go away, though. :D This is the only blog I have, and a precious corner of the net, for me. Please feel free to read all my posts. Feel free to comment. Thanks.


  1. There once was a guy
    Who's a poet
    It's here on his blog
    So you know it

    He lives far away
    But he posts everyday
    So I've come to say hi
    So he knows it

    PS: The birdflu is safe and sound here on the ground. If you ever feel ill and have a sudden urge to crap on a windshield, please see doctor immediately.

    Come visit anytime!
    PS: Word Verification is a bore so you might want to turn it off in your settings panel.

  2. hey what introspection ! must have been in a sombre mood ...
    amatuer people do have a leverage. No Questions , no answers . But is it an excuse to not develop your talents ? I guess having an under-developed , inobtrusive talents , do give a person a kind of an extende identity , a part of which he likes to share and a part he doesn't. I believe it is best kept that way...
    By the way the small poem was quite nice , i especially liked that one , give us some more !