07 July, 2006

Limericks... the fun!

Well, I'd said that I'll post fun limericks too... so here they are... I'm sorry they're just two... I'll post more in a few days :-) . :-) Do comment. :)

A nice young man from Atacama
Couldn't talk well... used to stamma
He did all: prayer, pill
Couldn't be cured, until
He was hit on the head by a hamma.

A version of Nantucket... hope you like it. :D

There was once a man from Nantucket
Who liked to have every woman suck it
But, one day his wife
Got hold of a knife,
Cut it off, 'An tuk it.

Hehe... Just to show the fun won't go away...

Notes: About my next post: I'm planning to write one about pseudoscience, what's right and wrong in science, where science applies, and which areas are out of it's bounds. It's not going to be technical, don't worry. Just some thoughts. :)


  1. LOL! Very creative stuff!

  2. Blockbuster would be an understatement..
    nothing more to say .. right now i can just gawk .... i am speachless...