05 July, 2006

The Monsoon: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Since many are writing about the monsoon... I thought I might as well. In fact, I might as well start commenting on some social and world issues here... and include limericks in the posts. Standard all-limerick posts will be posted frequently too (I think ;) ). I am inspired by my friend Amar, whose blog is here.

The Monsoon
Water everywhere? No harm
The monsoon has it's own charm
Happens every year
To us it's dear
There's no cause for alarm!

The Monsoon has been part of Indian culture for long, and Mumbaikars have long grown used to it. Last year, however, when the 26th of July rains struck, Mumbai recieved a record 950 mm of rain in a single day. The administration failed, but Mumbaikars helped themselves, plodded their way through the watery mess. This year, the monsoon is back, and it's been raining heavily. Here are some observations:

The Good
However badly we are hit
We won't, just at home, sit
We'll go to work
Student, officer or clerk
We'll celebrate a never-say-die spirit!

I read somewhere "The monsoon brings out the best and worst in Mumbai". I agree... the best part is, as I said above, a never-say-die spirit. This year too, volunteers helped the people who were stuck, rescued people. The administration learnt it's lessons, atleast in part, and this year it's response was quicker and much better. People seem to remember last year's lessons.

The Bad
Or do they? Once the monsoons over, the worst is past, we turn a blind eye to precautions like not using plastic, not dumping anything anywhere. Next year, these very things come to haunt us. The administration remembers the work to be done only when the next monsoon's close. Both are at fault, the people as well as the administration.

The Ugly
The glories of past gone!
The new factor is on!
Where is the love, wonder, dear?
All we have is fear, fear, fear!

Are the Mumbaikars forgetting how they used to "romance the monsoon"? This year, a normal amount of rain fell, but people panicked, remembering last year's deluge. Are we losing our never-say-die spirit? Maybe we are, but we must work hard to regain it. The monsoon is our friend, if we take enough precautions. Last year taught us that. We can avoid deaths and inconvienience. But we must also avoid fear. We must learn something, but not learn too much. Let's enjoy the monsoon as always. But not forget the precautions to be taken, even when the monsoon is gone.
Let's love rains again!

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  1. the limericker outdoes himself once again. the guy has given some thought to this post , i would say . 'coz considering it has a social angle , it also requires some deep thinking .. .
    also having credited his 'special friend', Amar for inspiration , it shows where the talent flow from .....
    just kidding ;) , rock on limericker !