14 June, 2006

Some Llamaricks

 Llamaricks are the hot topic at BAUT fun and games currently ;-) (www.bautforum.com --> Fun and Games) . So I wrote a some llamaricks (llama limericks... lol) to participate...
Lance's Llamas lead long lives
Lance's llamas have many wives
But, I confess
When BAUTers obsess
I really wish I had some knives
 (Well, those people obssess about llamas so much... (lol, I do too ... )
 One person commented my limericks didn't have sexual innuendo... so here is one (in the last line... ;-) )
Some people might object "llamas suck"
Some say "get aardvarks, pass the buck"
But llamas are great
So, I will state
I'm gonna give the llamas a good f... ... ine duck!
 BTW, Lance is the person on BAUT who has the llama in his avatar and probably started the whole thing... lol. 
I saw a llama eating from the trash cans
Where did it come from, why did it dance?
It, seeing me, sped
To a house, red
And the owner's name was (guess?) "Lance"!! 
 Liked it? ;-)
Want to read some fun limericks?

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