17 June, 2006

Llamaricks, Again!

Well, Llamaricks again! All these are taken from BAUT, with the
permission of the posters. Thanks again, guys!

One by me:

A revengeful old llama named Grout
Didn't like his species ridiculed at BAUT
But when he spammed
His keyboard PC jammed
Because he was typing with his snout!

A tuplet by Eric Vaxxine:

A llama called James lived in Spain
'I'm posh' he would often refrain.
But he fell in love with a
Llama that was rough
And she became posh just the same.

Her father, unhappy with Jane
And alarmed by his daughters game
Said Llama's he knew
Grew up in Peru
Llamas from Spain were quite Lame.

One from ToSeek:

BAUT has a poster named Lance
whom about llamas always he rants
every post, every thread,
when threatened, he said,
"I'd stop, but I really can'ts!"

And finally, two by Maksutov:

There once was a llama named Jake,
Who was spooked by a large coral snake.
With his right foot he crushed it,
Down his thoat he then flushed it,
Saying, "Llama snack made big mistake!"

The Andes are all full of llamas.
But Palestine, in one of its dramas,
Kicked them all out.
They said with a pout,
"Llamas more popular than Hamas!"

That's all, I hope you liked it. :-) I won't obssess about llamas
anymore (I know it can be annoying ). Have fun, folks!

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