10 June, 2006

I'm back!!!! :D

 I'm returning to my limericky hobbies after a looong time... so here goes nothing(= some lims ;-) )... Do comment :-).
 I know it's not a good excuse
 And my behavious may be obtuse
 But my creativity needs
 A boost, and it feeds
 On the motivating power of my muse!
 And the muse is you guys! You motivate me to do more :-).
 Great inventions are, I admit, rare
 And grow so popular everywhere
 But some ingenuiety
 (which also causes pity)
 Is to be found amid the Totally-Absurd-ware!!
 It's a funny site, do visit it. Also check out a funnier one: Uncyclopedia ... it's cool!!! Friggin' cool!!!
 Today, declared the Powers-That-be
 We have issued a brand new decree
 Rhyming continues till three
 At four should be stopped
 (If ye write no. five, ye shall be mopped!)
 The keyboard is a mighty tool
 But the mouse is nobody's fool
 It's especially handy
 When yer viewing "candy"
 And someone sees you drool!
 OK, time for a traditional third-person limerick:
 Mister Frank once gave an exam
 He was caught in a copying scam
 "I had no friggin choice"
 He said in a sorry voice
 "Fully filled was my brains RAM!"
 ;-) LOL
 Well, I hope my return after the hiatus has been good. I'll keep posting. :D Have fun, people, and comment!

1 comment:

  1. Your limericks are so much fun
    So there's nothing else to be done.
    I must write you a verse,
    Though it's somewhat perverse
    To give praise in the form of a pun.