20 June, 2006

Normal Limerick's are back!!! :D

Normal limericks are back, no llamaricks anymore! LOL.

First a variation on the "numero-uno" limerick:

A young clever policeman named Bruno
Caught a Jesus impersonator, you know
Said "$100 fine
for dressing divine
And also, I think you're a little loon-o."

About the process: ;-)

It doesn't take much time
To make some words rhyme
it won't take skill
a write-a-lim drill
bad limericks are a dozen a dime

Some limericks I think are meaningful :-)

Meaning in the world is hard to find
Some say it's all in the mind
Some return evil in kind
Some look at hind(s) ;-)
Some just avoid, make themselves blind

When all's done, Humour's the one
But one man's cartoon is another's gun
Someone's religion
Is another's Infidel-un
One man's irritation may be another's fun!

That's all, Please comment. :-)

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