26 June, 2006


Well... here I am again...

This time, I'm gonna take on some proverbs, sayings, classic poems... ;-)

I think I have a fever, I say
A Doc should be called, hey
But he won't come
Because, I'm dum
Why? I ate an apple today!

Here's a limerick take on Humpty Dumpty...;-)

George Bush sat on the Iraq
"Of WMDs they have a stack"
All the Bush-tanks
All the Bush-men
Couldn't find the WMD-pack!

Here's a take on "The fly and the flea"

I can see the sea in the shoe
I think you're seeing things, Sue
I can't see the sea
Why not? Sea! See?
Wait... yes, Now I can see it too!

LOL, that was mediocre.

On the bird leapt the pussycat
But birdy was saved by the rat:
He leapt on the paw
And bit it with his jaw
Saving birdy, exclaiming "tit for tat!"

That's all for now... do comment :D.


  1. i especially liked this one . considering it's all come out of the bloke's mind , i'd say the guy's pretty talented ...
    and hey he is my pal !

  2. Such and interesting post I wish more people wrote like this.

    I am Cute