18 June, 2006

Llamaricks - 3

 OK, you must be thinking these will never stop. I promise this is the last instalment.
 These are very good, by Eta C, another BAUT poster:
A camel named Aaron Abraxas,
Asked a llama he met in Caracas,
"Take me south to Peru,
We'll go straight to the zoo,
And make fun of those silly alpacas."
A young llama from Cuzco Peru,
Was once lost and had nothing to do.
It took leave of its mama,
But missed Lake Titicaca,
And wound up at Machu Pichu.
 And a take on this classic limerick:
 There was a young gaucho called Bruno
 Who said, if there's one thing I do know:
 Women are fine,
 Sheep are divine,
 But llamas are numero uno. ...
 My take on it:
 An limerick writer named Bruno
Said "Good anapests I do know"
Flies and fleas are fine
And Nantucket is divine
But llamas are numero-uno!
 That's all... do comment :D.


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