18 May, 2006

Tom Cruise, and Revenge by bees

Sometimes Hollywood celebs drink booze
And their opinions are worthy of snooze
Case in point, is
(you bet it is!)
The Sciento-master freak Tom Cruise!!


OK, another poem:

"Swarm, swarm, bees!"
In a fit of anger, Farmer Jack yelled
He was taking revenge
On this neighbor who had his tree felled.

The bees approaching,
Farmer John ran
"IT'd be better, I say
If I hanged from a fan."

Was crime was his?
That he was so attacked?
(Surely, felling a tree ain't
Like a whole network hacked.)

What was he going to do?
He hid where he thought best
But, the bees entered the place of rest
Farmer John thus died in the loo.

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