13 May, 2006

Non-limericks: A Start

It's not that I'm fed up of writing limericks ;-) ... I'm just trying to branch out. It's difficult, so forgive me if I make mistakes. Here is a (non-limerick) poem, then:

Is Life Fair?

When I was little
I wasn't given my share
I was treated as a child
It just ain't fair.

When I entered puberty
I could really see
But I wasn't important anywhere
I say, it ain't fair!

I grew up more, became 18
I was still, though, a teen
Why put reponsiblities in my care?
I'd say life ain't fair.

I think I'll grow more
And grow old, sick and sore
I'll have grey hair
Darn, life ain't fair!

Here's one more poem, I hope you like it. Do comment. :-)

A Sinner

I let go of the rope
So that they may fall
A sin I did, you all
Don't ever make me pope.

I killed them all you see
They were hanging from the tree
And being one with evil
I just went "hee hee".

To their death they plunged
The water beneath was cold
I know, I should've lunged
So that they could've gotten old.

But, I am as I am, evil, satan
And I have the heart to cope
With the death they were fate-n
Just, don't make me pope.

Hehe, that was one long post, I hope it makes up for my five-or-so day absense. I haven't forgotten this blog! :D

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