23 May, 2006

Back, Was away :-)

It's been long since I entertained you... so here I am again :D.

Mondays back again! Oh my God!
You've to work again! Poor Sod!
If you make any mistakes
However high the stakes
Remember to: Blame it on Tod! :p

You just know when it's love
When you ":P" at the guv
When you dance
And are in a trance
And doodle everywhere: "By Jove!"

Never buy a toddler gum, said Grace
If you do, She added with a grim face
Never leave 'em alone
'Cause when yer gone*
You'll return to find gum at every place!

*forgive the bad rhyming.

One Day in May I met Dr. K
"Hey! Mr. Dande! How was your day?
Hold! How's yer cold?
Took the tablets I sold?"
"I say, Yay! My cold is at bay!"

Now here's one on ... um... sexual matters

Sorry for the delay, it's fun to be back... do comment. :-)

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