09 May, 2006

Myself... and my holidays

Well, I wanted this blog to be a limerick blog only, but since I don't have any other blog, I think I'll post some thoughts here. However, I am not a big fan of thoughts-and-views clogs, so rest assured, limericks are still the priority. I'l post some soon. :-)

My summer holidays are going on, and although I had planned lots of study, I am not doing much. I guess my procrastinating self doesn't want to study. I am studying, but just not as fast as I would've liked. Physics is interesting only if you don't have problems to solve. Darn, I hate problems. Anyway, I am learning the python programming language too, and that, atleast, is interesting. I can study when college starts, but then I won't get time for python. I am also trying out some freeware adventure games (point-and-click types). I enjoy them. :D

Another thing: there's an interesting discussion over at the BAUT Forum about astrology. Do take a look. :-)

That's all for this rant... limericks are coming, don't worry. ;-)

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