27 May, 2006

Physics, Aardvarks, and links

 Here I am again... do comment on whether you like the limericks :-).
 There was once an aardvark
 That went away to a city park
 It was night
 It had a fright
 It lost it's way in the dark.
 By the hen farm, the park men
 Found it in the bear's den
 The aardvark had,
 Grown fatter, a tad
 He'd eaten the bear? no! Just the hen. :P 
 There's this physics I have, fun!
 I like physics, let me say, fer one
 But I am lazy as hell
 As as far I can tell
 I also love one more thing: procrastination!
 My vacations coming to an end, and I am so eager to start college again! :D
 Here are some interesting links, for you to follow:
 A very funny article on Uncyclopedia (which is a parody of wikipedia) : http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/You_have_two_cows
 Have fun! :D

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