06 April, 2006

Nantucket, and more...

Well, the nantucket limerick is famous, so here is one I've made which is similar to it ;)

The Nantucket limerick is famous as hell
This boy once slipped down a well
Some took his money
Some thought it funny
As for him getting out, He'll...

Here's one about the gym and my relationship with it (lol... a nonexistant one)

One day, I went to the gym
I say, my chances are slim
of becoming fit
'cause, I sit
all day, and am lazy as I'm dim.

Here's one that makes no sense, but, well, are limericks supposed to? ;)

Ding, Dong, Ding, I sing
This rhyme has a nice... ring! ring!
Yeah, I know
They're gonna throw
Me out of the net.. but I'll BOING!!!!

Thats all for now, more coming later! :D

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