18 April, 2006

More & More Limericks...

I was on a roll today... I had stumbled onto this minor writer's block for some days, but now, back to limerick writing!! :D

Here's one with internal rhyming and a aaaaa rhyming scheme ;-)

The world rose on it's mighty toes
To see "Highs and lows" by Mr. Bose
But they froze
And came to blows
'Cause the shows were filled with crows.

I tried to tune the speaker much
But it wouldn't respond to my touch
I then decided
To be guided
By a manual, but it was in Dutch!!

There's a time, and sometimes a place
To shout expletives, and file a case
To blow and fight
To decide what's right
To "powder yer nose" and wash yer face!

More to come later!! :-) ...

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