21 April, 2006

A Double-Limerick, and a limerick-poem

One day I walked in a nearby park... I thought I saw, in the sky, a lark
Then it turned, suddenly, into a shark... I couldn't make out, it was dark
I saw it go... Was it a UFO?
I know, I know... But I suspect, though
I told everyone, "Hey, hark!" ... But they think all I do is bark.

Here's the three-stanza poem:

There was a lonely scientist on 5th Road
He couldn't decipher nature's elusive code
So he went out
Thought roundabout
But ended up spending the night with a broad!

In the morn, a relevation came
He broke the code! Got his aim!
He thanked her
(He'd spanked her)
But in the rush, he'd forgotten her name

Woman never likes, I tell you friends,
Her name forgotten, the prof made amends
He offered a rose
She grabbed his nose
Till this day, you can see the bends!!!

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