28 April, 2006

Here come more!

Well, over the past few days, I have been busy with Python and the BAUT Forum. Sorry, I have many limericks here to make up for the dissapearance. :)

Once a crow feel from the sky
It fell down fast, just to die
It was suicide
But he hadn't died
Darn, he said, why ain't this pool dry?

I may be a chicken, a female, broad
Just 'cause I am not a rabbit or toad
That does not imply
That you make fun, sigh
Of why I keep crossing the road!!!

Now, Now, will the world shut up
Now, Now, dya wanna be cut up?
Now, Now tell me why
Now, Now, wouldya lie
Now, Now, let me lash yer butt up.

Learn everything you need in life
Learn it as if yer chased by a knife
Learn it very quick
Be you Healthy or sick
Nothing will remain, tho, after you've a wife.

Thanks, do comment :).

1 comment:

  1. Anonick (Raj),
    You are a very good limmerick writer. You should post all of your work from OW and any other work you did as well.