02 May, 2006

Metre and Rhyme...

These are about my problems with "strict pure" limericks ;-)

In limericks, most imporant is the scheme
You must not mess it up, or, oh my
It's a limericker's dream
Of a perfect five-line team
But I cannot get a perfect line five.

I even can't, for the life of me
Get the metre really finnaly right (you see)
In fact, I pad up
To make syllables add up
I insert stupid little words like "hee hee".

And here's just another no-consequence one :-

I really want to write a sci-fi thing
With cyborgs et al, and a future earth-king
And give 'em guns
(The laser type ones)
Which make funny noises: bong, foosh, bling.

That's al for now, do comment if you like 'em :-)

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