24 April, 2006

Four more thorugh the door...

Having not posted for two days, here are four more limericks ;-) ... Do post your comments!

She was driving the car with glee
People in front seemed to flee
"Wow, what a speed
My car's racing breed!"
She cheered, and a sec later, she hit a tree.

"I hate to admit", he said, sad
"But, you are really driving us mad
Dear Teacher, you give
Too much work to live
We just want you fired, yer BAD!"

"What's the matter with him, Doc?"
"Your son has the muppetpuppetock"
"What does that mean?"
"I think, your son Dean
Think's he's a tiny dirty smelly sock."

What kind of paper certainly will
Satisfy the "most cared about" drill?
What's green
Worthy and lean?
The answer, of course, is a dollar bill!!

Well, did you like them? :-)

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